Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life Renewed

Welcome to Mottainai Circle!

Here's a definition of "MOTTAINAI" I found on this website:

Mottai” is originally a Buddhist term that refers to the essence of things. It also applies to everything in our physical universe, suggesting that objects do not exist in isolation but are intrinsically linked to one another.

“Nai” is a negation, so “MOTTAINAI” is an expression of sadness over the repudiation of the ties linking all living and nonliving entities. It is also a rallying cry to re-establish such bonds and reassert the importance of treating all animate and inanimate objects with great care.

Practicing this concept requires making the most of limited resources and using them as efficiently as possible. In more familiar terms, it is very much in line with efforts to promote the “3Rs”: to reduce waste, reuse finite resources, and recycle what we can.

Implementing the 3Rs is the shortest path to environmental conservation. Since an appreciation of the concept of “MOTTAINAI” is synonymous with respect for the essence of things, it should not only contribute to protecting the environment but also lead to enhanced respect for human rights and world peace. It is a truly timely concept for modern times.

I have now reached middle age and my hope is that with some wisdom tucked under my belt and hopefully with more wisdom to come, I will live life as efficiently as possible while having as much fun as possible, and promoting world peace.

Why Mottainai Circle? Because was already taken. I chose Circle just because I like circles.

Mottainai and Peace!

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